Get Relief With Professional Acupuncture In Lake Stevens


Get Relief With Professional Acupuncture In Lake Stevens

Have you been searching for services that can supply you with acupuncture in Lake Stevens? Look no further than the team at Le Visage Wellness Center and Spa.

Our spa technicians are ready to offer you the traditional Chinese practice that can help relieve stress, manage pain, and even help restore harmony in the body. If you have never experienced acupuncture before, researching how it works can help set your mind at east before the first session. The main theory behind acupuncture is based on the idea of Qi (chi), which is essentially considered the foundation of everything that exists in the universe and supplies the vital life-source for the human body.

There are a vast number of charts that help depict exactly how Qi is said to flow throughout the body via pathways and meridian lines. Acupuncture helps to engage the Qi within our bodies and restore and regulate flow and balance by placing extremely thin needles directly into important points along these meridian lines.  Along with the acupuncture needles, Chinese herbs can also be combined to help the body revitalize and heal better.

Acupuncture is a perfect option for patients that are seeking a more natural approach to wellness, health, and also as preventative care. However, the most common reason people seek out acupuncture treatment is pain management. Chinese herbal medicines and acupuncture are also highly effective in treating anxiety and depression, digestive problems, immune system issues, skin rejuvenation, and also issues with women’s health and fertility. Because of the natural approach of these treatments, Chinese medicinal practices are often good to add to any health and wellness repertoire.  Many people will also include the following techniques in addition to acupuncture, massage, cupping, vibrational medicine, and also herbal prescriptions.

If you are interested in restoring the balance and harmony within your body, consider obtaining acupuncture in Lake Stevens. The expertly trained staff at Le Visage Wellness are willing to help you start your journey with traditional Chinese medicinal practices to help manage pain and other problems you may be experiencing if you would like further information regarding our services or to schedule a consultation prior to your first appointment, call today at (425) 905-2410.