Heat Massage in Mukilteo for Chronic Muscle Pain

heat massage in MukilteoFor people who suffer from chronic muscle pain, a therapeutic heat massage in Mukilteo may just be the answer to the problem. While this type of therapy is certainly not a cure-all for issues such as muscle cramps and spasms, back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, stiffness, muscle knots, fibromyalgia, sleep deprivation, vitamin D deficiency or over exertion, the almost instantaneous relief felt with this kind of treatment should not be ignored and deserves additional scrutiny.

There are some situations for which a heat massage is definitely not the right choice for pain relief. These include a new injury, an infection, inflammation (swelling and redness) or a muscle strain.

Heat application in tandem with a massage penetrates tissues even more deeply without added pressure that might be uncomfortable, is soothing and also can relieve soreness from exercise. Trigger points, areas of extremely sensitive tissue, can be sources of tremendous misery that respond well to heat and massage as muscles are relaxed and loosened.

One important benefit of heat massage is that it is a drug-free therapy. Some people are in so much pain that they tend to overdo medication and can even become addicted if the pain is chronic. Adverse side effects from prescription and nonprescription pain medication only add complications to muscle pain.

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