Hot Stone Massage in Edmonds for Relaxation

Hot Stone Massage in Edmonds for RelaxationHaving a soothing hot stone massage in Edmonds can provide welcome relief for a number of troublesome and painful ailments, including: back pain, depression, arthritis, circulatory issues, stress and anxiety, multiple sclerosis, muscle aches, fibromyalgia and insomnia, among others. It can be applied with stones only or stones and a massage together.

Hot stone therapies are not all the same and have many variations depending upon the therapist and the treatment center. The best way to determine what a particular therapist determines is a hot stone massage is to ask for details about hot stone massage when you book your appointment. Sometimes heated stones are placed on your body and remain for a time to warm muscles for deep tissue massage. The stones are quite beneficial to accompany a Swedish massage. Occasionally, hot stones are alternated with stones that are cooler for different effects.

The stones utilized for this specialized treatment are quite smooth and of varying sizes but all are flattened to easily rest on the body without rolling off. Basalt stones retain heat for long periods and are most commonly used for this purpose but marble ones may also be used. To warm the stones, they are placed in heated water to a precise temperature and they are excellent for promoting relaxation of tissues and muscles.

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