Hydra-Clean in Edmonds

Hydra-Clean in EdmondsIf you are interested in a facial treatment that has been proven to decrease the amount and size of blemishes and dramatically improve skin radiance, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment for Hydra-Clean in Edmonds.

This specialty facial is beneficial both for its short and convenient duration – 30 minutes – and the amazing results that it produces.

A Hydra-Clean facial is a straightforward procedure. The skin is carefully and thoroughly cleaned of dirt and makeup, a gel applied over the entire surface and the Thermoclean electrode is gently eased across all areas of the face, paying particular attention to the typically oily T-zone on the forehead and nose.

The explicit heat diffusion of the equipment eliminates excessive oils and toxins and deeply cleanses and shrinks the pores. The cleaning is followed by a rejuvenating yet relaxing facial massage that increases circulation and brightness, as well as feeling wonderfully pampered.

Other delightful advantages to a Hydra-Clean facial include: relatively inexpensive treatment, deep facial hydration, control of unwelcome oil secretions and break outs, oxygenation, calming of sensitive skin, increased smoothness and delineation of visible lines and removal of harmful toxic particles.

Contact the specialists at Le Visage Wellness today to plan your personal Hydra-Clean in Edmonds at (425) 905-2410. Our clinicians are prepared to deliver a premium spa experience in a soothing and professional environment and in a remarkably brief period of time.

Allow our experienced spa consultants to help you look and feel younger and more beautiful in a half hour or less.