Hydra-Clean in Mukilteo

Hydra-Clean in MukilteoOur skin draws dirt and debris to it like a magnet every day. Continued over-exposure to beauty creams and lotions, make-up, sun, wind, added age, environmental pollutants and overly dry or humid air can really take their toll in a negative way. Wrinkles, lines, acne, black and white heads, enlarged pores, scars, age spots, freckles, uneven pigmenting, dryness, oiliness and more cause a face to appear older, more dull and unhealthy. Keeping our skin clean is certainly a challenge. Often, daily cleansing is simply not enough. There are numerous spa treatments that can help with this issue. One of the best is hydra-clean in Mukilteo.

Hydra-clean is the perfect deep cleansing treatment for the face and chest. You need only take a half hour of your day, less than the average lunch hour, and you will leave with skin that is more radiant and soft. As far as facial treatments go, it is quite inexpensive and well worth the little effort it takes to visit the spa.

Available for every skin type, hydra-clean involves the use of a specialized gel that is applied to the treatment area. A heated electrode is gently pressed to the skin to deeply cleanse it. While it cleans, it hydrates and purifies, softens pores, relaxes facial muscles (and the entire body) and massages every area it touches. The gel is removed and your skin is rejuvenated and glowing.

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