Hydra-Lift Treatment in Lynnwood for Ageless Skin

Hydra-Lift Treatment in Lynnwood for Ageless SkinAge and environmental factors are hard on our skin. Dullness, wrinkles, dry patches, sagging skin and age spots become more visible and skin loses its elasticity. While these factors are apparent more on the face and neck areas, it happens to the skin throughout the body. Companies spend millions to develop anti-aging formulas that will be snapped up by consumers who are concerned with looking older. Two options for a more youthful appearance are A hydra-lift treatment in Lynnwood or a facelift are two additional options to remedy this issue.

A hydra-lift treatment tightens, smooths and tones skin with an effective, non-surgical procedure to create younger-looking skin that is refreshed and beautiful. Muscles under the skin are stimulated, wrinkles and fine lines de-emphasized or eliminated and the epidermis is tightened. The face and neck look and feel clean, fresh and revitalized with no swelling or bruising. It is not necessary for a physician to perform this procedure and no injections are needed. Three individual treatment sessions are recommended and offer the best results. The cost is less than $1,000.00.

A facelift, however, is conducted by a doctor and is a medical procedure. Removal of deep wrinkles, raising drooping skin, tightening tissues, removing fat and smoothing skin are goals of the rhytidectomy. A facelift takes from 2 1/2 to 6 hours with numerous incisions with extensive swelling and bruising. Recovery takes about 1-2 hours with full healing evident in 2-3 weeks. The average cost of a facelift, depending upon the extent, is about $6,000.00.

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