Hydraclean in Edmonds for Radiant Skin

hydraclean in Edmonds

We all know how important it is to clean our skin at least twice a day, especially the face, and to moisturize the gentle skin on this area of the body. Some individuals use basic soap and water and others spend more on a unique facial treatment with specific declarations for efficacy. Both have the goal of sparkling skin. Sometimes, however, supplementary care is needed for the best results. A person with challenging issues like clogged pores, blackheads, acne and excess oil, etc., must undertake a deeper and more involved cleansing routine. Undergoing regular hydraclean in Edmonds will leave your face and neck cleaner than a simple wash or other OTC facial treatment solution.

Hydraclean benefits are evident immediately. The application of a specially designed gel that is heated with a patented electrode open blocked pores, eradicate whiteheads and blackheads and eliminate surplus oil. Fine lines are lessened, pores are contracted and skin is well hydrated. New skin cell growth is improved. The skin is gently treated and left radiant and fresh. And, it only takes 30 minutes!

While hydraclean is appropriate for almost everyone, it is necessary to talk over any concerns you may have with your clinician. If your skin is excessively sensitive or you have a more serious condition, you may want to opt for an alternative type of facial treatment.

Le Visage Wellness estheticians will be happy to guide you through options for skin care without spending a fortune. Call us at (425)905-2410 with questions about the procedure or to schedule rejuvenating hydraclean in Edmonds.