Hydraclean in Mukilteo for Winter Skin Care

hydraclean in Mukilteo

Even when you take scrupulous care of your skin, it is difficult to maintain smoothness and appropriate hydration in the colder months of the year. There are several strategies available to combat redness, increase the effectiveness of moisturizers and do away with common skin issues in less than favorable weather conditions. Scheduling an appointment for hydraclean in Mukilteo will ensure that your skin has a clean slate to tackle the job of retaining moisture and clean pores.

At-home treatments should include:

  • Living a healthy life can do wonders for the skin. Eating right, exercising and obtaining the optimum amount of sleep are all essential to proper function of body organs, including the skin. However, different scenarios work for different people.
  • In winter, intense focus should be on maintaining the outer protective skin barrier that is comprised of oils and fatty acids. Limiting the number of inflammatory foods that you eat will help balance the makeup of the skin and promote well-being.
  • Interestingly, drinking and eating warm foods and drinks aids in retaining moisture within the body so bundle up and drink that hot tea!
  • Gentle skin cleansers work just as well as harsh ones and do not dry out the skin. With dead skin cells removed, there is no damage to skin layers below. Moisturizers work better on clean skin and there is no inflammation.
  • Keeping the skin hydrated is critical, as well as using replenishing creams and oils.
  • Proper use of essential oils can solve many winter skin issues but must be utilized properly to make certain not to damage skin.

For advice about home skin care and to make an appointment for hydraclean in Mukilteo, call Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410.