Hydradermie Lift Treatment

Hydradermie Lift A Hydradermie Lift enhances facial features and provides an immediate “lifting” effect. By means of facial stimulation, the Hydradermie Lift results in immediate rejuvenation of the face and yields remarkable visible results after only one treatment session.

After treatment, immediate results of lifted facial features are seen, as the skin regains its tone and wrinkles begin to fade, making them less prominent.  Considered to be “Body Building” for the face, the eye line is rejuvenated, wrinkles are smooth and filled in, and the forehead is firm.

The Hydradermie Lift restores your original skins elasticity through the stimulation of currents and a combination of the gel utilized in a treatment session.  Visible results are seen directly after your first visit. While treatment does include stimulation directly on the face, there is no pain involved in a Hydradermie Lift.  Muscles begin to regain tone as cellular activity is rejuvenated and firms from deep down in the skin.

This cutting edge technology includes no injections and successfully provides a youthful and radiant appearance.

For more information on a Hydradermie Lift treatment, or to schedule your appointment today, contact Le Visage Wellness Center and Spa at (425) 905-2410. We provide Hydradermie Lift treatment’s in Everett which will result in a fresh glow and a more youthful appearance without the use of painful injections or needles.   Our professional staff offers treatments that support your overall well being for the mind, body, and the soul.