Improve Your Handicap With a Golfer’s Massage

Every golfer, novice to professional, can benefit from Lake Stevens Golfer’s Massage. Recommended in concert with appropriate warm-up, therapeutic massage can help improve your game by loosening various muscles and joints. Coupled with reflexology, a skilled massage therapist will put you in touch with your body; pointing out inflammation will make you more aware of incorrect posture etc. Taking the time to care for your body prior to tee time can reduce potential golf related injuries. Therapists often recommend a pre-game massage as well as a day-after session to assure your body remains in peak condition.

Everett Golf Massage

Teenagers, in their ever rushed world, often do not take the time required for proper warm-up before hitting the links. Additionally, teens are less aware of signals from their bodies — often indicating at least annoying inflammation. A therapeutic massage can teach a young golfer the importance of stretching prior to tee-off and avoid potentially debilitating injury. The same can be said for older golfers.

Post-50 golfers, in their pursuit of youth, often overlook the importance of a thorough pre-tee stretch. Especially avid amateurs — after all, “I’ve been golfing 3 times a week for 40 years…” — right? Maybe so, but all the more reason for a pre-game and post golf massage! As our bodies age (ahem!), they do not heal as readily. To relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis aggravated by all the walking and swinging, consider a regular Everett Golf Massage. With a combination of therapeutic and sports massages, using hot/cold therapy as indicated and including reflexology (pre-game) can improve your flexibility, which can ultimately improve your game.

Stress Points

Awareness of the areas of a golfer’s body most prone to injury will help recognize need for therapy. Often, chiropractors and osteopaths will refer a golf-related injury to therapeutic sports (golf) massage. A highly skilled massage therapist will loosen ‘restricted’ muscles in a pre-game sports massage; post golf massage is also recommended. The areas of a golfer’s body most commonly injured:

  • Lower Back (lumbar region)
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Neck
  • Hips
  • Ribs
  • Ankles
  • Feet

Often, golfers are completely unaware that they have suffered even the slightest injury; a skilled massage therapist can pinpoint areas suffering from poor posture, etc. which can also assist with the athlete’s game.

Cause of Injuries in Golfers

Seeking the aid of a proper therapeutic massage before inflammation occurs is key! Once the site is injured, the massage therapist can only work on areas not inflamed. The importance of preparation is crucial to avoiding golf injuries; proper stretching and warm-up are essential. Some professional and avid amateur golfers actually find it essential to include a massage pre-tee off to loosen muscles associated with the repetitive motions in golf. According to John R. McCarroll, MD (orthopedic sugeon and member of the American College of Sports Medicine), most common causes of amateur golfer’s  injuries include:

  • Playing or practicing too long
  • Poor mechanics with regard to swing
  • Repetitively hitting the ground — jarring the entire body
  • Over-swinging
  • Tendency to twist during the swing — wrenching the back
  • Change of grip or swing
  • Tripping and falling
  • Tendency to bend over a putt

Of course, there is the occasional golf cart related injury, but that is not conducive to the form and function of the mechanics of the game. With proper warm-up, stretching and the occasional massage to insure that your swing is not injuring your body, your overall game can be improved!