Laser Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles in Seattle

Laser Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles in Seattle

Laser treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in Seattle is a great option for people who are tired of seeing wrinkles on their face and want to get a subtle treatment that does not take too much time from their everyday life.

Laser facial treatment for wrinkles works by targeting the skin with a high-powered laser that removes layers of skin, which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles after the area heals.

Before your treatment, you should remove your makeup so that the spots you want to target are clearly visible. You should also make sure that you haven’t been in the sun, or don’t have a sunburn on the day of your appointment as that could cause additional pain and prolong the time it will take to heal.

During the treatment, as the laser hits your skin you will most likely feel a slight sting, like someone flicking your skin with a rubber band. Some people feel no pain at all while others complain of a little more discomfort. The procedure also only takes a few minutes, and you can often be in and out of the office in less than an hour.

Treated areas typically are fully healed after less than two weeks. It is, however, important to stay out of the sun and make sure that you don’t pick at the area or touch it too much as it can hinder the amount of time it takes to heal. After the treatment, you should be able to resume your normal skincare routine after approximately a week.

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