Laser Treatment For Hair Removal In Bellevue

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal In Bellevue

If you are considering laser treatment for hair removal in Bellevue, the thought of never having to shave again is probably quite appealing. You may be curious about how the process works and what you should expect.

The laser that we use is the Lutronic Aesthetic Clarity, which combines two wavelengths into the device and emits a high-powered light that absorbs into the pigment in the hair. The hair pigment is called melanin. The laser energy converts to heat in order to damage the hair follicles, tube-shaped sacs, so that they are unable to grow hair any more.

Since lasers target pigment within the hair follicles, it is typically easier to remove darker hair. However, state-of-the-art lasers such as the Clarity have two lasers, so they target a wide variety of skin and hair colors.

You may wonder if professional laser hair removal is painful. It can cause slight discomfort, however a numbing gel or over the counter pain reliever typically will take care of it. Depending on the scope of the area being treated, the laser may only be on your skin for two minutes to ten minutes. Chest and back are larger areas typically taking around ten minutes, while the upper lip may take less than two minutes. It’s also important to note that since hair grows in cycles, patients typically require three or four treatments before the hair will no longer grow back.

Our skilled team member will discuss your hair removal goals and answer any questions you may have about the procedure or how many times you will need to visit.

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