Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Everett Offers Long-Lasting Results

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal in Everett Offers Long-Lasting ResultsIt’s that time of year when everyone is thinking about going to the beach or on a cruise, getting married, or showing off some extra skin in the warmer temperatures. Most women want to ensure that their skin is smooth and silky – on the face, under the arms, on the legs, and in private areas. Opting for laser treatment for hair removal in Everett is an excellent choice to deal with this sometimes-sensitive issue.

Removing unwanted hair by laser involves targeting the hair shaft beneath the skin and impeding hair growth. Lasers destroy the hair follicles to stop hair growth permanently. In treated areas, hair falls out within two to three weeks.

This hair removal option is appropriate for individuals whose hair is darker than their skin. Professional skin care specialists can use a different type of laser for different skin types, but it’s generally not best for people with pale hair or darker skin. Lasers must be able to differentiate between skin color and the dark pigment of the hair.

Laser treatment is suitable for hair removal on all parts of the body. It does not harm the outer layer of skin or dermis and works even for sensitive skin. Depending on the individual, the treatment can be mildly uncomfortable, feeling like a rubber band snapping on the skin with a little heat. Over-the-counter pain relievers usually work well to relieve discomfort.

Depending on what hair is being targeted, the best results occur after several hair removal treatments to ensure that hair follicles in all stages of the growth cycle are reached. Touch-ups may be necessary for large areas.

Investing in laser treatment for hair removal in Everett pays off. It is highly effective and affordable. Contact Le Visage Wellness at (425) 905-2410 to schedule an appointment today.