Laser Treatment For Hair Removal In Kirkland

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal In Kirkland

Laser treatment for hair removal in Kirkland has never been easier than at LeVisage Well Center & Spa. Our Lutronic Aesthetic Clarity laser uses two state-of-the-art lasers to target hair anywhere on your body, destroying the hair follicles, so that your hair will no longer grow in that spot.

The idea of “destroying the hair follicles” may sound harsh and potentially painful, but the laser only causes a little bit of redness and does not cause pain in the long run. Here are some tips for what to do before and after your appointment to ease any discomfort you may face.

  • Wear loose clothing to your appointment. Tight clothing after the treatment may rub against the areas and cause discomfort.
  • Don’t touch your skin too much afterward; you don’t want to irritate the area.
  • Don’t take a super-hot shower after the treatment.
  • Avoid the sun for a week or so after the treatment.
  • Avoid sweating for the first twenty-four hours after treatment as not to irritate the area.
  • Use aloe, if needed, to the area you had treated to cool it and make yourself feel more comfortable.

These were just a few ideas to consider before and after your appointment. Of course, your health care professional will have the best treatment plan for you as an individual. If you have any questions before or after the treatment, please do not hesitate to ask or call to set up a consultation to discuss. We want our patients to feel 100 percent comfortable with the procedure and results.

To learn more about our laser treatment for hair removal in Kirkland, please contact LeVisage Wellness Center & Spa at (425) 905-2410.