Laser Treatment For Hair Removal In Mill Creek

Laser Treatment For Hair Removal In Mill Creek

If you are thinking about laser treatment for hair removal in Mill Creek, you may be wondering what you should expect and how the procedure works. It’s important to feel comfortable going into the procedure; one way to do that is by learning all you can beforehand and asking any questions you may have.

It’s important to understand that treatment typically takes three or four sessions before the hair is removed and unlikely to grow back. At LeVisage Well Center & Spa, we use the Lutronic Aesthetic Clarity laser which has two lasers, making it ideal to treat all types of skin and hair color. The laser is attracted to darker pigment, but since there are two lasers, it adds a broader spectrum of capabilities. It works by damaging the hair follicle enough that it no longer grows hair.

You may feel a slight bit of discomfort while the technician is using the laser on your skin. It is, however, usually only two to ten minutes per session. Larger areas such as the back and chest take longer than underarms or upper lip. You may wish to use a numbing agent on your skin before the procedure, as advised by your healthcare provider.

After the procedure, it’s a good idea to have loose-fitting clothing, not go in the sun, avoid touching the area, apply only 100% aloe vera over the area to facilitate quick healing. You should have your laser sessions once every four to six weeks, allowing enough time for the areas to heal in between appointments.

To learn more about our laser treatment for hair removal in Mill Creek, please contact LeVisage Wellness Center & Spa at (425) 905-2410.