Learn More about Hot Stone Massage in Mukilteo

You may have seen advertising photos of a bunch of rocks lined up on the back of a spa patron and wondered what in the world was going on. The answer is a pain-relieving and relaxing hot stone massage in Mukilteo. The practice of hot stone massage is thousands of years old and continues to be used as a specialized form of massage therapy.

Hot Stone Massage in Mukilteo

The stones are actually smooth river rocks of varying sizes that contain large amounts of basalt. The extra iron in basalt helps the rocks to retain heat. Rocks are immersed in heated water until coming to a specific temperature that meets your comfort level. They are then placed on certain areas of the body or gently massaged on the skin. Oils may be utilized to decrease friction. The entire process lasts from one to one and a half hours.

A hot stone massage is wonderfully relaxing, warms stiff and knotted muscles, improves circulation, calms the nervous system, is comforting and great for those individuals who prefer a lighter massage rather than the deep pressure of other types of massage. This unique spa treatment relieves aches, back pain, symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis, insomnia, stress, tension and poor circulation.

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