Look Into Cranial Sacral Massage in Edmonds for Pain Relief

cranial sacral massage in EdmondsOver 100 years ago, osteopath Dr. William Sutherland determined that body tissues produce rhythmic impulses that can be gently manipulated to provide pain relief. The points at which skull bones are fused together, called sutures, have the ability to move slightly when carefully massaged. He found a relationship between this movement and body fluids that are an important aspect of physical health. This was the beginning of what we now know as cranial sacral massage in Edmonds.

Manipulating specific areas of the spine, neck and head aid in redistribution of body fluids that have become static as a result of injury, stress or other problem. Treatment is highly individualized, as determined by each person’s specific physiology. Palpation can effectively reduce or completely eliminate tension and pain and aids in recovery of standard body functions. This therapy promotes the body’s innate self-healing properties and must be administered only by someone trained in this specific type of massage.

Cranial sacral massage is an excellent solution for numerous types of illnesses and injuries and works well for all ages, from young infants to the most elderly patients. To determine whether you can benefit from this therapy, a personal consultation and evaluation will be conducted by professionals in the field.

To learn how cranial sacral massage in Edmonds can offer welcome relief for your particular medical situation and to schedule an appointment for treatment, call Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410. We are proud to have trained massage therapists who can administer this unique pain relief methodology.