Look Younger with a Microdermabrasion (Power Peel Treatment) in Lynnwood

Look Younger with a Microdermabrasion (Power Peel Treatment) in LynnwoodFrom homemade concoctions to expensive over-the-counter remedies and any number of combinations in between, the market is saturated with instant solutions to the age-old problem of droopy, sagging skin. Age is typically unkind to us all. In addition, there are dozens of spa treatments for the same issue. Deciding on the one that will work best for your situation can be challenging. Consider the benefits of microdermabrasion (power peel treatment) in Lynnwood for its excellent anti-aging properties.

Common skin problems that benefit tremendously from microdermabrasion include large pores, age spots, scars, acne, uneven skin color and skin damage and rosacea. Taking only about 20 minutes, this facial usually works the best on the skin on the face and neck. A focused stream of pressurized crystals is directed to the skin and shrinks pores, eliminates dirt, oil and blackheads and takes away dead skin cells. Skin is left bright, clear, clean and smooth and soft. Collagen increases naturally and the skin is rejuvenated.

Some commercial facials can have serious side effects that last up to several weeks. A power peel treatment has none. You experience instant recovery even as you exit the spa. One treatment demonstrates beautiful effects but scheduling a series of treatments continues to offer regenerative tendencies.

Schedule your appointment for microdermabrasion (power peel treatment) in Lynnwood with an experienced clinician at Le Visage Wellness by calling (425)905-2410. Experience a relaxing session with a professional designed to help you look and feel younger before you walk out the door.