Massage Therapy

The most important part of choosing a Everett massage therapist is choosing someone you can trust. Massage therapy has been designed to treat the symptoms that are causing you the pain and not the cause itself. It is important to understand the benefits of massage, so that you can choose which type of massage therapy will work the best for you.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy Everett will offer your body the relief it is going to need without having to worry about going through hours of deep tissue massage therapy. There are numerous benefits that have been proven when you choose to implement hot stone massage into your routine. The massage therapist will use hot and cold stones that are applied to your body in different ways to promote relief from any sore muscles. Your body will be alleviated from any chronic or acute problems that you may be dealing with on a regular basis.

Sports Massage

Typically, a sports massage Everett is going to be used over the course of an athletic event. A massage therapist can help to make sure the athlete is prepared for the big event. This will enable them to perform at their peak, as well as eliminate fatigue, swelling and muscle tension. You will notice an increase in your flexibility and there is a much smaller chance of injury when you use sports massage therapy.

During physical activity, your body will build up stress and tension, so it is important to help alleviate those symptoms through massage. If you have any minor injuries that resulted from overuse, massage can help to break them down quickly and eliminate the problem that is causing you pain. Massage has been proven effective at helping prepare the athlete for their peak performance. Often times a small injury can get in the way and cause problems for the athlete, but through massage those problems can be alleviated in no time.

Deep Tissue Massage

This particular type of massage focuses on the deep layers within the muscle tissue. Through the use of slow strokes and penetrating finger pressure on the affected areas, you will begin to feel a release from the chronic pain that has been affecting you. If you have any scar tissue, deep tissue massage can help to break that down for you.

Not only does a deep tissue massage feel great, but it also has a number of great health benefits. If your muscles are stressed, they are going to block essential nutrients and your oxygen flow. This is going to lead to inflammation and create a build-up of toxins within your muscles. Through deep tissue massage it will help to loosen your muscles and release all of those bad toxins from your body to get your blood back to normal and circulating efficiently. You are going to want to make sure and drink plenty of water after a deep tissue massage because there are a lot of toxins that are being released.

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