Medical Services in Kirkland

Medical Services in Kirkland

Have you been on the hunt for medical services in Kirkland? If so, you may be overwhelmed by the results and not sure what direction to take with your medical care. Traditional primary care physicians are just one option. Another option is to go a more natural route by seeking out a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) to treat you. You may know that NDs take a more natural approach to medicine. However, you may not know precisely what that means. What kind of services can you expect when you visit a Naturopathic office?

Acupuncture: Many naturopaths are also acupuncturists or have an acupuncturist in their office. These practitioners believe in this ancient Chinese art of healing that addresses a person’s energy (Qi) and focuses on removing energy blockages promoting free-flowing energy to promote balance and overall wellness. Acupuncture can treat everything from acne to addiction to mental health. Some people may be fearful of needles, however, the needles are so small that you don’t typically even feel them go into your skin. During treatment, the acupuncturist will discuss your symptoms and get to know you and understand your goals for your personal health.

Herbal Supplements: Naturopaths will also advise you on herbal medications that will help promote healthy body functions. Herbal medicine has been used effectively around the world for centuries and can be gentler on the system than their pharmaceutical counterparts.

These are just two of the things that you may find in a naturopathic doctor’s office. They will also take their time to get to know you and devise a treatment plan individualized for you personally.

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