Medical Services in Seattle

Medical Services in Seattle

If you are considering changing practitioners and looking for medical services in Seattle, you should consider investigating the differences between a naturopathic doctor and regular medical doctors. If you are looking for personalized care and a long-term relationship, you may want to consider a naturopathic doctor (ND).

NDs go to medical school and study the same science as MD, but when it comes time for diving into a specialty, they learn about psychology, nutrition, and herbal medicine qualifying them to guide you in a comprehensive manner when it comes to your health.

NDs typically have more time available to spend with each patient and often spend an hour or more. MDs are often rushed and may only spend 5-10 minutes with a patient. This allows NDs to understand a complete picture of your health and make a bettered determination on how to treat you.

NDs are more apt to prescribe natural treatments rather than jumping into pharmaceutical solutions that may only address the symptoms rather than the whole body. In general, NDs have a more natural approach to treatment. They may guide you in nutrition and recommend lifestyle changes in addition to herbal and natural supplementation.

In short, NDs have a lot to offer patients in the way of holistic medicine and “outside the box” treatments. If you are considering acupuncture, eastern and western herbal medicine, and alternative treatments an ND may be the way to go to achieve your optimal health and performance since they will not be satisfied until you feel restored and more whole in your body.

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