Microdermabrasion (Power Peel Treatment) in Edmonds

Microdermabrasion (Power Peel Treatment) in EdmondsThere are so many different types of facial treatments from which to choose that it can sometimes be challenging to select the best one for your individual needs and desires. Let’s evaluate the benefits of microdermabrasion (power peel treatment) in Edmonds.

This corrective facial takes very little time to complete – as few as 20 minutes – so it is great for people who have no extra time for additional activities. During a treatment, a pressurized stream of crystals are carefully applied to the skin surface (usually the face and neck) to slough off dead skin, shrink enlarged pores, remove unwanted oils and dirt and eliminate unsightly blackheads. The result is smooth, soft skin that is clear and clean.

Microdermabrasion effectively deals with acne, age spots, scarring, wrinkles, large pores, rosacea, skin damage of various types and discoloration. It re-charges the skin and encourages the increase of new, natural collagen.

With this spa treatment, there is little risk of side effects that are sometimes seen in other facials. There is no recovery time and you look fabulous when you walk out the door. Even a single treatment delivers noticeable results, but repeated sessions ensure that the skin stays younger-looking and fresh all the time.

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