Naturopathic Doctor in Bothell

Naturopathic Doctor in Bothell

Seeking a naturopathic doctor in Bothell can be an excellent decision for you and your family. Here are five reasons why:

1) Time: Naturopathic doctors take time with their patients. They want to get to know you as an individual rather than just your symptoms. They will take the time to listen to you. We’ve all been in a doctor’s office where you wait for a period, and they come in to see you for a less-than-five-minute visit, and you leave feeling like you haven’t gotten any answers or help. This is not the case with naturopathic doctors, they always

2) Herbal and natural treatment options: Natural treatments are often less harsh on the system than strong antibiotics and other harsh pharmaceuticals.

3) Naturopathic doctors often have additional skills in addition to their medical training such as an acupuncturist or nutritionist. This means that you will have access to more than just primary care.

4) Get to the root of the problem: Naturopathic doctors look at more than your symptoms and use a holistic approach to determine what is wrong with you rather than just giving you medication to treat your symptoms. They won’t stop investigating until they pinpoint the issue, and then they will attack it using herbal and natural methods.

5) An active role in your healthcare: You are a partner when you visit your naturopathic doctor, you aren’t just a spectator being told what to do. You can actually express your thoughts, opinions, and even make suggestions as to the direction you want to take with your healthcare choices.

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