Newest Mukilteo Trend, Paint For Your Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Mukilteo eyelash tints

Painting your eyelashes or eyebrows is a procedure where your literally tinting your eyebrows and eyelashes to a shade that would best apply to you and your skin. Yes, it’s like painting your eyebrows and even your eyelash to compliment your look. The tint actually lasts for 4-6 weeks and needs to be redone if there are any hairs that grow out or fall out. Eyelash tinting involves dying the lashes with tints that give them an appealing appearance and there are a lot of shades that you can play around with that would compliment your skin as well as your hair.

There are numerous benefits of Mukilteo eyelash tints .For instance,if you’re the type of woman who finds putting make up time consuming, this can be the remedy for you as it acts like a tattoo already placed on you. Or if you are involved in sports such as swimming this would not wear off even underwater. Or simply if you want to enhance your look, this is a good way of investing since it is not that expensive. However, keep in mind that a  Mukilteo eyebrow tint should be done by a licensed professional only as these tints can cause blindness so it is something to be taken seriously. In fact two days before your eyebrows and eyelash tint, they’ll perform a patch test to ensure that you would not be allergic or react to their tints. After they have tested you safe for their products they will now apply these safe natural dyes and it would just take around 15 minutes to do this. Overall, the procedure is fast and painless and many women are interested and getting involve in this beauty makeover.