Pamper Yourself with a Day Spa in Mukilteo

Day Spa in MukilteoIs there a science to indulging? A reason to pamper yourself other than because you’re worth it? People who lead athletic lifestyles and/or spend lots of time outdoors need a regular spa regimen to combat their lifestyle’s negative side effects and can greatly benefit from a day spa in Mukilteo.

A day spa offers special treatment for athletic types in search of something a little more. It’s not just those who indulge in outdoor activities who need such treatments. While outdoor sports and gym workouts can produce a lot of perspiration, which affects your skin one way, ocean and pool water affects your skin in other ways. Salt and chlorine dry skin, but skin also absorbs toxins and other pollutants from the water. Cleansing, detoxifying treatments are the prescription here.

Exposure to sun and wind in hot temperatures can be harsh on the face. The perfect way to keep your face fresh is by thoroughly cleansing it, removing impurities like whiteheads and blackheads, and by getting facials that stall the aging effects of the sun.

If you are looking to pamper yourself, Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa has just what you need in order to relax and rejuvenate.  We offer an extensive range of spa therapies to choose from with a specialist team to give a diagnosis of what procedures could work best for particular disorders, covering a whole range of modern day maladies from heart disease, kidney ailments, breathing problems and hypertension. With qualified staff on hand, there’s a veritable cornucopia of exotic therapies from mud packs to massages to herbal and mineral baths.

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