Paraffin Heat Therapy Treatments

Relieve Tired, Achy Feet or Hands with Relaxing Paraffin Heat Therapy Treatments

The cold, damp weather often associated with the winter months can cause the hands and feet to ache and crack, especially if you suffer from arthritis or other rheumatic diseases, such as fibromyalgia. While some people might reach for a bottle of pills to relieve their pain, there are many that are finding relief with a safer, alternative option known as paraffin heat therapy treatments.

Using a combination of a soft, luxurious wax and heat therapy, paraffin wax treatments can relieve joint, muscle and ligament pain. The paraffin foot heat therapy treatment and the same treatment for the hands relieves the aches and pains by increasing blood flow, reducing stiff joints, and relaxing cramped, sore muscles. Paraffin heat therapy treatments involve dipping the hands or feet into a bowl or tub that contains melted paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is extremely soft and luxurious, and will coat the hands/feet with a thin, clear layer of wax.

After the hands/feet have been dipped in wax, they will then be wrapped in a non-absorbent material, usually plastic. The hand and feet will be left to soak for approximately a half hour. When the paraffin hand heat treatment or its counterpart for the feet is complete, the wax will be carefully peeled off of the hands.

Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa offers paraffin heat therapy treatments in Mukilteo that will relieve tired, achy feet and hands this winter season. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule an appointment 425-905-2410.