Prepare for Your Wedding with a Hydra-Lift Treatment in Mukilteo

You are wearing “the ring” and the date has been set. Plans are in motion and time is speeding quickly toward one of the most important days in your life – your wedding day. There are multitudes of details that must be addressed, not the least of which is taking care of yourself so that you look and feel your best in the days and weeks to come. This is the perfect opportunity to spring for a rejuvenating and moisturizing hydra-lift treatment in Mukilteo.

Hydra-Lift Treatment in Mukilteo

For the many photo sessions that will include your engagement and wedding, bridal showers, the ceremony, reception and honeymoon, you want to present clear and radiant skin to enhance the smile you will share with everyone participating in your nuptial events. About 3 months prior to the festivities, schedule an appointment for your initial hydra-lift facial.

This deep-cleansing treatment effectively stimulates facial muscles and tightens and sculpts skin to appear fuller and firmer and present a younger-looking appearance. The accompanying facial massage is not only wonderfully relaxing but helps to drain the lymphatic system to clear away impurities. Your pores will tighten and fine lines all but disappear, leaving fresh skin that will welcome the different types of makeup you will wear for each special occasion.

Consult the experienced clinicians at Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa at (425)905-2410 about your personal hydra-lift treatment in Mukilteo in preparation for your wedding festivities. Encourage the female members of your bridal party to “make a day of it” and celebrate with you in a pampering atmosphere that all will enjoy.