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    Le Visage Spa Signature Facial

    $139 – 60 Minutes

    Using pure and innovative products to help prevent visible signs of aging, soften fine lines, and improve texture and tone; decrease sensitivity, pigmentation, and acne; and achieve healthy balanced skin this exclusive treatment is customized to fit individual skin care needs. This luxurious treatment is in a class all its own combining performance products with an invitation to escape, relax, and increase overall wellbeing.

    YONKA® Le Grand Classique

    $159 – 75 Minutes

    The YonKa® Le Grand Classique is a symphony of blissful aromatic enchantment. Awaken your senses to the healing power of essential oils while descending into complete relaxation. This uniquely customizable treatment is bespoke to each individual to wash away fatigue and restore a luminous complexion. Le Grand Classique is the ultimate combination of tranquility and natural restoration.

    YONKA® Alpha Vital

    $150 – 60 Minutes

    The YonKa® Alpha Vital is a magnificent brightening experience. The proprietary blend of natural fruit acids gently buffs away dullness and tension leaving skin silky smooth. This preventative treatment illuminates the skins natural radiance, while the bouquet of essential oils gently invokes an experience of inner harmony.

    GUINOT® Hydralift

    $175 – 60 Minutes

    An advanced three phase microcurrent treatment, which includes lymphatic drainage, muscular stimulation, and skin remodeling to help keep the skin hydrated and lifted. This treatment is formulated to deliver visible same day results and, over time, continued treatment can compound creating firmer, younger looking skin.

    GUINOT® Hydradermie Treatment

    $175 – 60 Minutes

    An infusion of targeted active ingredients, the Hydradermie treatment uses a specialized electric current to penetrate products deeper into the skin. Customized to address individual needs, the skin becomes oxygenated, lifted, and toned.

    GUINOT® Hydraclean Treatment

    $75 – 45 Minutes

    Perfect for brides, this treatment uses a patented thermoclean electrode to infuse the skin with hyaluronic acid for glowing, wedding-ready skin. A non-invasive treatment, the Hydreaclean immediately increases hydration with noticeable results and no down time.

    GUINOT® Hydra Peeling Facial

    $179 – 60 to 75 Minutes

    The ultimate exfoliating experience, the Hydra Peeling treatment from GUINOT utilizes a combination of exfoliation and phytic acid. Phytic acid is a powerful regenerating acid that helps to minimize pigmentation, smooth texture, and minimize signs of aging. This treatment will make skin look lighter, lifted, and feel cleaner.

Medi Spa Services

    Epionce Refresh Peel

    $85 – 45 Minutes

    Formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin, the Epionce Refresh Peel is a gentle yet potent solution for improving skin health. The blend of AHA and BHA acids work in synergy to improve skin clarity with minimal downtime. This is a quick, easy, and powerful treatment that can easily be incorporated into a busy schedule.

    Epionce Physician Strength Peels – Series Only 60 Minutes

    Series of 3 – $600
    Series of 6 – $1,050

    Maximum cellular turnover with minimal irritation is the hallmark of the Epionce Physician Strength Peels. Customizable to meet any treatment goal including acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, these peels are the gold standard for treating any skin condition. Consultation is required. Only sold in a series of 3 or 6. Includes aftercare products.

    Epionce Deep Pore Facial

    $159 to $250 – 60 Minutes

    Recommended once weekly until the skin clears and once monthly as maintenance. Utilizing the dermatological powerhouse products of Epionce, this treatment is at the cutting edge of acne management. The clinically beneficial botanicals decrease acne breakouts and refine pores while simultaneously working to heal the underlying inflammation in the skin. Can be customized to treat face, neck, or décolleté.

    Purifying Back Facial

    $159 – 60 Minutes

    Recommended once weekly until the skin clears and once monthly as maintenance. A customized treatment designed to deeply clean and refine pores, the Purifying Back Facial uses potent botanical extracts to decrease acne breakouts. The enzymatic exfoliation penetrates into pores breaking down congestion

    Photo Rejuvenation Therapy

    $95 – Add On

    A non-invasive and highly effective therapy, Photo Rejuvenation uses an intensely healing red light. Red light therapy naturally increases collagen production, stimulates cells to undergo a self repair process, evens skin tone and texture, and reduces the appearance of fine lines. It is a safe and effective way to achieve a youthful glow.

    Dermaplane Treatment

    $75 – 45 to 60 Minutes

    Recommended once a month, the Dermaplane Treatment is the latest clinical alternative to facial waxing. Using a surgical handle, vellus hair is removed while the top layers of skin are gently exfoliated, leaving smooth, supple skin. This method ensures that hair growth does not come back darker or thicker, and results in increased product penetration.

    Nanobrasion Treatment

    $115  – 60 Minutes

    Minimally invasive, Nanobrasion is designed to create micro-channels into the uppermost layers of the skin to introduce specialty products. This helps to penetrate beneficial ingredients into the skin directly to create lasting change. Nanobrasion can be customized to individual goals and needs.

    Clinical Microneedling Treatment

    Series Only – 60 to 75 Minutes

    Consultation Required Prior To Treatment. Clinical results in a relaxing spa setting, this treatment series is customized for each individual to address pigmentation, dryness, laxity, and/or fine lines and wrinkles. Each treatment in this series is designed to create micro-channels into the skin infusing the deepest layers with targeted products to achieve maximum results. 

    YONKA Beautiful Legs Treatment

    $85 45 minutes

    Become cocooned in relaxation, the YonKa Beautiful Legs Treatment combines multiple modalities to provide unparalleled detoxification and firming. Starting with an invigorating dry bush to begin lymph movement and exfoliate this treatment uses targeted products to decrease water retention and encourage cellulite metabolization. In conjunction with a targeted leg massage to move excess fluid, this treatment draws out impurities through the skin leaving legs purified and toned.

    YONKA AutoBronzant Body Treatment

    $79 – 60 minutes

    A body bronzing treatment without harsh chemicals or carcinogenic risk, the YonKa AutoBronzant gives the perfect sun kissed glow. Great for both fair and dark complexions, this treatment uses a double action that tans and hydrates. It is enriched with hydrating fruit extracts and nourishing shea butter to ensure an even golden tone.

    Dermaplane Facial with Add-On Photo Rejuvenation

    $250 – 75 Minutes

    Combining our Signature Facial, Dermaplane Treatment, and Photo Rejuvenation, this treatment is a luxurious results driven escape to bliss. The addition of the dermaplane has the added benefit of extra exfoliation to help products penetrate deeper into the skin driving increased results. Moreover, the healing red light therapy from the Photo Rejuvenation compounds those results to new heights all while steeping in the relaxing experience of the Signature Facial.

    Make-Up Application

    $65 – 45 Minutes

    A one-on-one makeup application for weddings, special occasions, studio photography, or just for fun. Experience the best of natural and non-toxic mineral makeup that not only enhances your inner radiance, but is also good for your skin. We also specialize in post-procedure makeup.

    Make-up Lesson and Application

    $75 – 75 Minutes

    A fun, hands-on learning experience, using only the finest quality, professional cosmetics, we will advise and teach you about how to enhance your features and achieve the look you desire. From everyday to special occasions, we specialize in making makeup easy and accessible.

Waxing Services

    Our objective is to create an ease filled waxing experience, even for those who have sensitive skin. Therefore, we only use the highest quality wax that has stood the test of time. Although, for your safety, we regret that we cannot perform waxing services on clients who are taking Accutane, Retin-A, or antibiotics. Hair growth must be approximately 1/8 inch in length minimum or have 3 or 4 weeks of growth to receive services. Please allow 24 hours before or after sunbathing or using tanning beds or glycolic products.

    Brow Arch Design $28 – 30 Minutes

    Full Face (Includes Brow) $69 – 60 Minutes

    Under Arm Wax $29 – 30 Minutes

    Half Arm Wax $39 – 30 Minutes

    Full Leg Wax $78 – 60 Minutes

    Chin Wax $18 – 15 Minutes

    Chin/Neck Line $18 – 15 to 30 Minutes

    Jaw Line $18 – 15 Minutes

    Ear Waxing $23 – 15 Minutes

    Lip Wax $18 – 15 Minutes

    Back Wax $59 – 60 Minutes

    Nose Wax $28 – 15 Minutes

    Shoulder Wax $39 – 30 Minutes

    Shoulder and Half Arm Wax $49 – 60 Minutes

    Neck Line $23 – 15 Minutes

    Feet and Hand Wax $18 – 15 Minutes

    Full Stomach or Buttox Wax $38 – 30 Minutes

    Stomach Line Wax $18 – 15 Minutes

    Classic Bikini Wax $48 – 30 Minutes

    Extended Bikini Wax $58 – 45 Minutes

    Brazillian $68 – 60 Minutes

    Half Leg Wax $49 – 30 Minutes


    Eyelash Tint $28 – 30 Minutes
    Brow Tint $28 – 15 Minutes
    Lash and Brow Tint $50 – 45 Minutes

    Using only the finest vegetable dyes, enhance your natural features without having to worry about cosmetics. Comfortable and safe, tinting allows you to frame your eyes with a defined brow and/or create dark luscious lashes. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks between sessions.