Professional Eyebrow Waxing in Edmonds

Eyebrow Waxing Today’s spas offer so much more than relaxing massages and rejuvenating skin care treatments. Facial waxing, in particular, eyebrow waxing in Edmonds, is more popular than you may realize. Although many individuals seek professional facial waxing services from a salon, some people feel that they can achieve the same results at home. This is actually untrue.

Eyebrow Waxing in Edmonds

A skilled esthetician has the necessary expertise to effectively remove facial hair in a safe and swift manner. Since warm wax is an excellent exfoliator, when it is removed, you are left with visibly smoother and softer skin. For eyebrows, waxing does a wonderful job in not only removing hair in unwanted places but lasts much longer than plucking.

Removing each hair is time-consuming and painful and only takes off the exposed portion of the hair. Waxing draws hair out by the root. The result can last for weeks and may even not regrow at all.

At your initial consultation in a calm and peaceful atmosphere your spa professional will discuss your skin care and hair elimination methods to determine the best way to proceed for your needs. She will gently but thoroughly clean the area to be waxed and proceed with the waxing process. Since many hairs are drawn out at once, the whole procedure takes very little time.

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