Professional vs Home Eyebrow Waxing in Mukilteo

Professional vs Home Eyebrow Waxing in MukilteoAn eyebrow waxing highlights your facial features and gives an overall polished look to your appearance. It may be hard to decide whether eyebrow waxing in Mukilteo is something that you can tackle yourself or if you should rely on a professional. Here’s the lowdown:

  • An experienced cosmetologist charges from $8-$50 for eyebrow waxing, depending upon design and difficulty. A home waxing kit costs much more, ranging from $25-$100.
  • A salon has all the necessary equipment to complete a waxing session. For a home treatment, you must gather or purchase the supplies that you need, in addition to having a large mirror available.
  • A licensed clinician will take an average of about 10 minutes, give or take a few, to complete the waxing session. At home, it can take 20 minutes or more due to the detail work involved and your level of personal experience with waxing.
  • A professional at a spa will leave your brows beautifully shaped at a minimum of inconvenience. A home experience will likely be less than perfect.

Only you will be able to determine what type of eyebrow waxing experience will be best for your particular circumstances. If you have a special event for which you are preparing, it is typically in your best interest to depend upon a knowledgeable clinician for waxing. Experimenting on yourself may lead to unfortunate results that you will have little opportunity to remedy.

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