PRP in Edmonds for Chronic Hip Pain

PRP in Edmonds for Chronic Hip Pain

As the body’s largest ball and socket joints, the hips are continuously used and can take a lot of abuse. However, there comes a time when the hip just does not function as it used to. This may be due to an injury, arthritis, tendinitis, fracture, a tear, dislocation or other problem. Pain in the hip leads to limited mobility and dependence on anti-steroidal medication. When the pain and lack of movement become too much to handle, additional intervention is required. One proven treatment that is becoming more widespread is treatment with platelet-rich plasma or PRP in Edmonds.

Depending on what is causing your hip pain, you may experience irritation in your groin, inside or outside the hip joint, buttocks or thigh. Pain can often radiate from the hip to other areas of the body. Discomfort may worsen with activity, particularly with arthritis. You may have less range of motion and even begin limping from the condition.

Occasional hip pain can be alleviated with OTC pain medications or icing the area periodically, but these offer only temporary relief. More persistent pain should be addressed by a professional.

PRP is a fast-acting procedure that uses your blood to repair damaged tissue, without the risk of invasive surgery and unpleasant recovery time and side effects. In the simplest terms, PRP involves taking a small vial of your blood, separating it into parts in a specialized machine and injecting the platelet-rich plasma left over into the affected area. The procedure is virtually painless and takes only about 20 minutes to complete. Some relief is immediate, and subsequent treatments offer even more long-lasting benefits.

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