Regenerative Injections – Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy In Bellevue

Regenerative Injections - Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy In Bellevue

Have you been interested in regenerative injections – platelet rich plasma & prolotherapy in Bellevue? You may be struggling with chronic pain and wish to heal long-term injuries. Maybe you’ve heard of these types of injections and are curious to learn more.

Regenerative injections mostly treat joint pain or muscle injuries. Treatments consist of platelet-rich plasma or, in the case of prolotherapy, the use of dextrose. Plate-rich plasma, or PRP, may also be used in facial treatments to improve wrinkles, skin tone, and to reduce pore size.

Platelet-rich plasma, what exactly is it, and what does it do? Creating PRP consists of a specialized centrifuge process to separate the plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Then most of the white and red blood cells are removed, so the plasma is concentrated with the plasma before it is injected. This mixture of your blood works with damaged cells with the goal of stimulating healing. It’s nice because it uses blood from your own body rather than introducing a foreign substance.

Now, what is Prolotherapy? It’s an injection made out of saltwater (saline), dextrose (sugar water), an anesthetic like lidocaine, and sometimes B vitamins. The injection acts as an irritant to encourage the natural healing process in the tissues around the impacted joint. It’s been none to help elbow, hip, and ankle pain.

Your health practitioner will decide which treatment will be most beneficial for your specific situation and goals. Do you have chronic pain or do you want cosmetic improvements?

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