Regenerative Injections – Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy In Kirkland

Regenerative Injections - Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy In Kirkland

Regenerative injections – platelet rich plasma & prolotherapy in Kirkland is a popular procedure because they have such great healing potential. These injections are targeting chronic pain caused by a variety of conditions and injuries. Both types of injections are used for joint pain or slow-healing injuries. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can also be used for cosmetic purposes.

The technique with PRP is to use a centrifuge technique to separate your white and red blood cells from your plasma. Then creating a solution consisting of your platelet-rich plasma that fights against your damaged cells. This platelet-rich plasma tends to contain healing elements. The practitioner injects it directly into the joint or into the ligament.

Proliferation injections contain saline, dextrose, lidocaine/procaine, and may even contain some B vitamins to help with absorption. The ingredients are safe; saline is saltwater and dextrose is sugar water. Lidocaine or procaine acts as a numbing agent, so the injection doesn’t cause pain. This idea behind prolotherapy injections is to agitate the tissues surrounding the joint or ligament to strengthen the area. This type of injection also helps alleviate osteoarthritis in fingers and knees and also pain caused by ligamentous dysfunction found in the pelvis.

The biggest difference between the two types of injections is the contents of the injection. PRP uses your own blood, while proliferation injections use other solutions to provide relief from your joint or ligament discomfort. The other difference is that proliferation aims to irritate your tissue to cause a healing effect, while PRP uses your concentrated plasma to heal.

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