Regenerative Injections – Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy in Mill Creek

Regenerative Injections - Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy in Mill Creek

Regenerative injections – platelet rich plasma & prolotherapy in Mill Creek are providing relief to long term pain and injuries. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) offers healing qualities by acting as fertilizer on a wound, while prolotherapy agitates the injury or joint to create a healing response within your system.

PRP is a combination of platelets and serum. Platelets are crucial in healing after an injury and contain growth components that help form critical blood clots. Your white and red blood cells are removed from your plasma to make it platelet-rich, usually about 3 to 5 times more than their normal average concentration. PRP helps heal injuries that would most likely heal on their own. Eventually, it just speeds up the process. PRP also can help jump-start healing that may have stalled. PRP uses the body’s normal healing process and speeds it up, helping to alleviate persistent pain or pain from a stubborn injury.

Proliferation (prolotherapy injections), on the other hand, use a solution of saline (saltwater), dextrose (sugar water), and a numbing agent like lidocaine or procaine. Occasionally, practitioners also use B vitamins in the injection. Prolotherapy aims to irritate the tissue around the joints or ligaments to quicken the healing response. This type of injection also helps alleviate osteoarthritis in fingers and knees and also pain found in the hips, ankles, and pelvis.

The most significant difference between the injections is the contents. PRP uses your blood. Meanwhile, proliferation injections use the sugar and salt solution. Both types of injections aim to alleviate pain and ultimately improve your quality of life.

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