Regenerative Injections – Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy In Seattle

Regenerative Injections - Platelet Rich Plasma & Prolotherapy In Seattle

People are finding that regenerative injections – platelet rich plasma & prolotherapy in Seattle provide healing effects on long-standing injuries and hard to heal joint or ligament pain from chronic conditions like osteoarthritis. You may not have even heard of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or prolotherapy, sometimes called proliferation injections.

PRP uses your own blood to help slow-healing injuries progress more quickly. Platelets are separated from white and red blood cells, concentrated back into your plasma, and then re-injected into the joint and surrounding tissue to help heal. Platelets are crucial in treating any injury you sustain, being that they create blood clots. PRP speeds up the process to provide relief in your joints such as your knees and hips. PRP injections can also be used for the removal of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improving skin tone.

While PRP uses your own blood, prolotherapy uses a salt and sugar water solution like an injection to irritate the tissue around the joint to make it stronger and heal the area. Lidocaine or procaine is also in the injection to numb the area. Sometimes B vitamins are used to aid in absorption. Prolotherapy injections also help heal joints and ligaments.

The thing that differentiates between the two types of regenerative injections is the contents of those injections. Platelet-rich plasma is your blood in a highly concentrated form. As mentioned previously, proliferation injections use a sugar and salt solution. Both types of injections alleviate stubborn pain with the goal of improving your quality of life.

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