Rejuveate Your Tired Skin: MicroDermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is one of the most common cosmetic medical procedures performed in the United States. It rejuvenates your skin by using a medical device that forces small crystals across your skin. The crystals are slightly abrasive and gently remove the top layer of skin. In essence, it is a way to get superior results by exfoliation. The process also causes new growth of collagen. After a patient has undergone this procedure their skin is refreshed and healthy. It is also a very effective way to deal with many skin problems.

Patients with acne scars have been delighted with the results of microdermabrasion. To effectively treat acne scars several treatments, about an hour-long, are needed. Each treatment removes the top layer of skin and causes collagen growth which is necessary to remove acne scaring. Talk with your cosmetic surgeon about how this procedure may help remove unsightly acne scars.

Folks with lines and wrinkles should also discuss with their cosmetic surgeon if Mukilteo Microdermabrasion Treatment  is an option for them. The procedure is non-invasive and far less costly than a cosmetic procedure. The principle of removing the top layer of skin and promoting collagen growth also works for lines and wrinkles. As with acne scars, several treatments may be needed.

Age spots can often be totally removed by microdermabrasion. Your Mukilteo Licensed Paramedical Esthetician can determine the number of treatments needed to get rid of them once and for all. No more creams or concealer, just youthful looking skin is your final result. Even stretch marks can be significantly reduced or removed by microdermabrasion. Each treatment sloughs off the top layer of skin and reduces the noticeable of stretch marks. Often, total removal is possible.

Treatment of your skin requires expert medical knowledge of the causes of skin conditions and the optimal treatment to restore skin to a healthy and useful appearance. Using other types of people is dangerous as they might not recognize a serious disorder and fail to recognize that a particular irregularity may be a symptom of a serious skin condition. It is always best to have microdermabrasion done by a  licensed paramedical esthetician .

You may be tempted to try an at home system. Most are some sort of cream. How can a cream abrade your skin? It can’t and it won’t! Some hucksters are scamming folks with a home  system that they claim gives the same results as you get with a licensed esthetician. Really?  Esthetician machines are certified and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Since they don’t provide you with a machine theirs isn’t.

Do not be fooled, these procedures irritate the skin and should not performed without time, at least two weeks, for the skin to heal. Procedures without FDA approval or medical supervision are usually worthless at best and can be harmful at worst. Speak to a Mukilteo Esthetician about your skin’s health and ways that they can improve your appearance.