Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Micro Plasma Peel form Le Visage Wellness

Rejuvenate Your Skin with a  Micro Plasma Peel form Le Visage WellnessWrinkles, acne scars, melasma and fine lines can all make your face look older than its years. Mukilteo Micro Plasma Peel can help. With this innovative, non-invasive treatment option, you can take years off of your face and enhance your skin without surgery, all with just a few visits to the LeVisage Wellness clinic.

Micro plasma peels are a safe and effective alternative to the more harsh corrective chemical peels and laser resurfacing. It can erase fine lines, eliminate acne scars and reduce the look of wrinkles. It can also take away problems due to over pigmentation.

The procedure resurfaces the skin using an innovative wet procedure. In a plasma peel, your skin will be treated with a stream of sterile saline that is sent past a high frequency electrode. The electrode ionizes the spray to form a field of plasma. This will disassociate the molecular structure of your skin, sterilizing the tissue and giving you a more beautiful, youthful look. This tightens skin tissue, improves collagen production and breaks up hyper pigmentation. As a result, acne and acne scars, rosacea, melasma and lines all disappear.

The procedure takes around 25 minutes and provides almost immediate results for most individuals. Some people find that they see the best results with repeat procedures, with up to four being ideal. In addition to the immediate results, your skin continues to improve for up to a full year after you receive treatment.

Before a Mukilteo micro plasma peel, your skill will be thoroughly hydrated using a topical hydrating agent. Most patients do not require anesthesia, but some may have topical anesthesia if they are undergoing an extensive rejuvenation. Regardless, there is no pain during the procedure.

If you are ready to embrace a more youthful appearance through rejuvenating your skin safely and effectively, contact us today to talk about our Mukilteo Micro Plasma Peel options. With the help of LeVisage Wellness, you can improve your look quickly. Contact us at 425-905-2410 or by clicking Here.