Rejuvenate Your Skin with Microdermabrasion (Power Peel Treatment) in Lynnwood

Microdermabrasion (Power Peel Treatment) in LynnwoodFrom all-natural, homemade mixtures with ingredients you already have at home to pricey over-the-counter solutions and a wide variety of concoctions in between, the beauty market is highly saturated with instant remedies for the perpetual problem of dull, drooping and saggy skin. Aging not kind to the skin over our entire bodies. In addition, there are a number of specialized spa treatments for problem skin. Determining what will be best for your particular issue(s) can be daunting if you do not know what to look for. Consider microdermabrasion (power peel treatment) in Lynnwood for eliminating many skin issues and significantly reducing others.

Age spots and other discolorations, large pores, acne, scars, skin damage and rosacea can be addressed with microdermabrasion. This facial takes less than half an hour and is ideal for facial and neck skin. A stream of pressurized crystals targets the skin and shrinks pores, eliminates blackheads, dirt and oil and sloughs off dead skin cells. Skin is left shining, clear, smooth, soft and bright. The collagen in the skin is generated naturally and is also rejuvenated.

There are many commercial facials that result in unwanted side effects that can last for several weeks. A power peel treatment has none of these. Recovery is instantaneous, even with just a single treatment. Of course, a series of power peel treatments can offer even more long-lasting effects.

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