Relax & Heal With a Body Massage in Everett

Relax & Heal With a Body Massage in Everett

When we are stressed, tension builds up in our neck, shoulder, ad chest muscles. What many people do not realize is this can restrict your breathing and cause headaches. When the neck muscles are tight, it can impact your spine and back as well. A body massage in Everett can do a lot to relax those muscles and relieve the stress. Our aestheticians are trained in massage and know precisely how to help. Here are some great reasons to book your massage at Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa.

Refreshes the Skin

A body massage is so relaxing; you may think your body is hardly doing anything. But you would be wrong. With a massage, your body is coming alive. Organs, muscles, and glands wake up, and your lymph system starts moving. It also refreshes the skin by the gentle exfoliation brought about by the massage motion, oils, and lotions.

Relaxes the Nervous System

When you are relaxed, your nervous system rests. Tight muscles create tension in the nerves, which can be relieved with a massage. When your nervous system is experiencing “downtime,” endorphins are released. These hormones help regulates many functions within the body.

Benefits to the Musculoskeletal System

Blood and lymph fluid is pushed out of the muscles when they contract. When they relax, oxygen, nutritional elements, and immune building cells enter the muscles. A massage therapist knows just how to manipulate your muscles to help them relax and heal.

Lymphatic System Detox

While not generally given much attention, the lymphatic system is crucial to your body. The lymphatic vessels run alongside blood vessels throughout the entire body. Massage can help drain the lymph system filtering out everything from dead cells to pathogens.

This is just a sampling of what a good body massage in Everett can do for you. Contact Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa to schedule your appointment today at (425) 905-2410. Better health is only a phone call away.