Relax with a Hot Stone Massage in Everett

hot stone massage in EverettHave you ever wondered what is so great about getting a hot stone massage in Everett as opposed to a standard Swedish-type massage? While they are both beneficial for relieving pain, some people prefer the use of hot stones for their therapy sessions. The warm temperature of the hot stones is relaxing and provides a pleasant twist on an already soothing massage experience.

Hot stone massage is an excellent choice for those people we all know who are cold-natured and always seem to have cold feet. It also works well for individuals with muscle tension who do not want deep tissue massage and prefer a lighter touch. According to your specific comfort level, the massage therapist is happy to adjust the level of heat, pressure or any other aspect of the procedure. Simply let her know what you want and she will be happy to deliver.

Several different health conditions are well-suited for a hot stone massage and include: insomnia, aches and pains in the back, poor circulation, stress or anxiety, tension, arthritis pain, osteoarthritis and depression. However, some people should not get a massage because of certain health issues like infections, open wounds, pregnant women (unless it is a prenatal massage), those susceptible to blood clots and right after surgery.

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