Relief for MS with Hot Stone Massage in Edmonds

shutterstock_133423121An autoimmune disease, multiple sclerosis or MS is an atypical immune system response that adversely affects the central nervous system, spinal cord, brain and optic nerves. The 4 types of MS may manifest symptoms in a variety of ways with mild to severe pain or other reaction, including balance problems, walking difficulty, pain, numbness, fatigue, dizziness and/or vertigo, memory and attention issues, sharp pains and issues with problem solving. Attacks may be brought on by temperature extremes, stress or other emotional turmoil. Hot stone massage in Edmonds shows great promise and provides welcome relief for individuals who suffer from this often debilitating disease.

Massage of any type is beneficial for increasing flexibility, reducing rigidity in muscles and preventing muscle stiffness. Massage also is an excellent way to alleviate stress. Since temperature fluctuations can be a trigger for MS, depending upon the individual and her symptoms, a warm stone massage may be a better option than using hot stones. A lighter massage pressure may be indicated, as well, for optimum pain relief.

Reflexology is, in addition, an excellent therapy source for MS sufferers. Working with the hands, feet, ears and face can relieve a great deal of discomfort and hot stones can release reflex points without using too much pressure. To avoid over-stimulation, treatment should be more brief than standard massage sessions.

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