Relieve Chronic Pain with Prolotherapy in Everett

Relieve Chronic Pain with Prolotherapy in Everett

Consistent, debilitating pain in the joints of the knees, back, shoulders, hips or elbows can lead to loss of work time and enjoyment of the everyday aspects of life. Aging and injury are major contributors to this type of problem, which leads to debilitating arthritis. There are a number of options available on the market today for pain relief, including prolotherapy in Everett.

Conventional medicine depends on use of steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication that are accompanied by many unwelcome side effects and potential for surgery that has long recovery time and risk for complications. Natural remedies such as vitamin and mineral supplementation, topical treatments and chiropractic intervention all offer at least some relief for chronic pain.

On the other hand, prolotherapy, also known as reconstructive therapy or sclerotherapy, has virtually no side effects, is non-invasive and promotes the body’s natural healing response to injury. The procedure involves the injection of a specially formulated solution to the target area that encourages the tendons and ligaments to become irritated and draws immune cells to the spot. The cells attack the source of pain to eliminate it and begin to rebuild new collagen in the area. During the next several weeks, tissues continue to grow, and the result is strong, thick ligaments that are better able to stabilize joints and relieve pressure from tender nerve endings that cause pain.

Patients with chronic pain issues can reap tremendous benefits from prolotherapy in Everett. Consult with the medical team at Le Visage Wellness today by phoning (425) 905-2410. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation with experienced professionals. After several sessions of this innovative therapy, you will be able to enjoy normal activities again.