Repair Your Damaged Skin

corrective skin therapies in Lynnwood
Growing older and numerous additional factors can unfortunately contribute to a multitude of skin problems. Frequent exposure to the sun with and without sunscreen, stress, weather and temperature extremes, irritating products containing harsh chemicals, and environmental situations like smoking can all can cause skin damage. In particular, these issues typically affect the face. Without intervention, these facial issues will only worsen over time. There are corrective skin therapies in Lynnwood available at Le Visage Wellness to combat skin disorders and reduce obvious blemishes.

Both internal and external damage occur throughout the skin over the years. The loss of fatty tissue under the top layers of skin becomes more evident in fine lines, creases, scarring, wrinkles, age spots, and other discolorations. Professional products and procedures from Le Visage Wellness can aid in helping your skin to look and feel younger with minimum expense and discomfort.

In addition to limiting sun exposure and always utilizing sunscreen in every season, we offer several effective therapies to improve the look of your skin. These affordable treatments are carefully applied by our experienced and specially trained clinicians to ensure safe yet effectual practices.

Le Visage Wellness offers Power Peel® Micro-dermabrasion, resurfacing complex peeling, anti-redness therapy, purifying acne treatments and plasma peels to counteract the effects of aging and other skin issues. For questions about these procedures, contact the knowledgeable staff at Le Visage Wellness at (425) 905-2410 or schedule an appointment for a private consultation for corrective skin therapies in Lynnwood. We look forward to assisting you in presenting your best self to the world.