Restoration with Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy in Mukilteo

There are so many different types of massage therapy that it can be confusing to know exactly the best option for your particular needs. Cranial sacral massage therapy in Mukilteo is an extremely gentle manipulation of the soft tissues and bones of the head, spine and pelvis and the membranes and fluids contained within them. Certain movements, sports participation, running and general poor health may cause blockages in these tissues and fluids which can be uncomfortable or even painful. When blockages occur, they upset the balance of the body’s systems and cause joint strain and immobility.

Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy in Mukilteo


The relaxing and pain relieving process of cranial sacral massage removes blockages and permit fluids to flow naturally again. Lasting from 20 minutes up to an hour in length, this specialized massage therapy can also provide relief for sinus problems, migraine headaches and immune deficiencies that are not the result of over-exertion.

Beneficial and welcome relief is achieved after only a single massage session but repeat treatment offer the most long-lasting results. Only a well-trained and educated masseuse should apply cranial sacral massage therapy to reach critical pressure points and relieve impediments to successful fluid flow.

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