Restore Sore Muscles with Deep Tissue Massage in Mukilteo

A deep tissue massage in Mukilteo is distinctly different from a traditional massage session in that it effectively restores deep muscle layers and connective tissue that may have been damaged from any number of causes. Focusing on a specific problem or issue such as rehabilitation or chronic muscle pain allows deep tissue massage to work its particular “magic.”

Deep Tissue Massage in Mukilteo

Specially trained masseuses often utilize massage oils during a deep tissue massage to reduce skin friction when working on body areas such as the upper and lower back, legs, shoulders and neck. Pressure is slower and more intense than conventional massage to break down knotted bands of stiff connective tissue, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and provide safer and more comfortable mobility in the treated area.

No matter what the source of your pain, completing a deep tissue massage session can offer welcome relief after even one treatment, although repeated sessions will supply more long-lasting results. For increased safety, consult your personal physician to determine if this beneficial treatment is warranted for your particular ailment. In addition, realize that since deep tissue massage targets muscles and tissue well beneath the skin, it can sometimes be a little uncomfortable, at first.

To schedule a consultation to discuss the advantages of deep tissue massage in Mukilteo for your sore muscles and encounter immediate and long-awaited relief from your chronic pain, speak with the knowledgeable clinicians at Le Visage Wellness today by calling (425)905-2410. We will be happy to help you in any way that we can.