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hydralift in Everett

The adage “beauty is only skin deep” has a lot of merit. Society is obsessed with appearances and millions are spent each year on products that claim to help us look healthier, younger, smoother, tighter and firmer. From do-it-yourself at-home treatments to spa services and plastic surgery, there are many options from which to choose to help you feel better about the way you look. One alternative that is a step up from home treatment but non-invasive is hydra-lift in Everett.

While there are some beneficial skin care solutions that do provide results, they typically take a while for any significant improvement. Dramatic results are evident with surgical facelifts but are extremely expensive and have accompanying side effects and extended recovery periods.

Hydra-lift is completely innocuous, as it is non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, has no down time and does not require a physician to complete. The outcome is immediate and leaves no swelling or bruising or painful incisions. Problem areas of concern can be targeted, as required, on the face and chest.

After a single treatment, skin is obviously defined and tighter. Skin cells are re-charged, and the face appears lifted. Stimulation of deep muscle layers in a safe and pain-free way leaves skin fresh and firm. Repeat appointments offer even more striking results.

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