Series of 3 Effect of Rejuvenating Peels in Edmonds

There are so many factors that negatively affect our skin as we age that it is often difficult to keep up. In particular, the face and neck area are the most susceptible. Features that are not only unattractive but harmful include: sun damage from typical and excessive exposure over the years, pigmentation issues like discoloration and age spots, visible blood vessels, freckles, acne scars, sagging and drooping skin, fine lines around the eyes and mouth, wrinkles in the forehead and chest and other issues can make us look older than we really are and adversely affect our self esteem. A cost-effective solution these situations is a series of 3 effect of rejuvenating peels in Edmonds.

Series of 3 Effect of Rejuvenating Peels

Depending upon your skin type and the problems that you want to diminish or erase, a specially formulated acid is used on your face and/or chest (or hands) to miraculously exfoliate the top layer of skin. This procedure tightens pores, smooths rough skin and hydrates at the same time. After 3 or more treatments you can see and feel the difference.

The benefit of rejuvenating peels is that there is no down time for recovery and the effects are similar to more expensive treatments that are far more invasive.

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