Shoulder Massage in Edmonds Brings Lasting Pain Relief

Shoulder Massage in Edmonds Brings Lasting Pain ReliefDiscomfort in the neck is often caused by muscles that are overly tight and lead to pulling vertebrae out of alignment and pressing on sensory nerves in the spine. This can develop into more stiffness and pain issues in other areas of the body. A relaxing shoulder massage in Edmonds can provide welcome relief.

Compressed neck and shoulder muscles contract to cause tension and cluster headaches, as well as migraines that can last for days. Vertebrae that are forced out of alignment act negatively on blood vessels, including those leading to the brain and may cause “brain fog,” difficulty remembering things and lack of energy. Pressure on the front areas of the neck can cause breathing, swallowing or talking problems. Spinal nerve disruption causes muscle tension in the shoulders, arms, chest, fingers and hands.

Tight neck and shoulder muscles have a variety of causes that may encompass overuse of the chest, shoulders and arms; injury to nearby tissues; physical or mental stress and illness. Treatment options are many, depending on the source of the problem and how long you have suffered from it. You may benefit from yoga, tai chi, meditation and deep breathing, acupressure and/or acupuncture and massage therapies.

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