Soften Your Skin with a Hydra-Clean Treatment

Hydra-clean in MukilteoHydra-clean in Mukilteo is a unique but highly desired facial treatment that has dramatic results and only takes as long to apply as the average lunch break. Developed by Guinot, deep cleansing on the neck and face takes place via the  patented Thermoclean electrode and the choice of 2 types of cleansing gels, depending upon skin type. Skin is left sparkling clean and fresh.

Instead of steam, this facial utilizes heat set at your own personal comfort level to loosen pores and release dirt and grime. Because of the heat, the cleansing gel penetrates deeply to reach all levels of the skin for the ultimate in clean. The Universal Cleansing Gel is works well for every skin type, containing both lactic acid (as a moisturizer) and allantoin for its well-known softening properties. The Purifying Cleansing Gel is best used for oilier skin. This gel has burdock, that provides purifying and deep cleaning benefits. Neither gel is made of skin-drying soap but both do contain salicylic acid for exfoliation. Lipacid is also included to limit excess oils.

Hydra-clean is quite affordable compared to other home and spa facial treatments. Providing welcome results in a relaxing professional environment, your skin needs this facial. To learn more about Hydra-clean in Mukilteo and to make an appointment for this revolutionary treatment or for one of the other amenities we offer, call Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410. For inner satisfaction and outer beauty, Hydra-clean is the facial of choice for thousands of women across the globe.