Sports Massage Treatment in Everett for Exercise Enthusiasts

sports massage in EverettHundreds of studies and just as many medical professionals extol the benefits of regular exercise. While a scheduled regimen of specific cardio work is best for most individuals, even some minimal activity has distinct advantages for overall health. To retain muscle flexibility, encourage further range of motion and relieve the aches and pains that sometimes accompany exercise, sports massage treatment in Everett is recommended.

US federal guidelines for exercise are as follows:

  • Physical activity is important. Moderate intensity for 150 minutes per week, 75 minutes vigorous intensity or a combination of moderate and vigorous exercise for 150 minutes provide the most benefit.
  • Increasing the time period and intensity of workouts gain you additional health advantages.
  • Adding strength training to your cardio routine targets major muscles and adds endurance.
  • Children and teens require at least one hour of physical activity every day, at the medium to vigorous range.

Including periodic sports massage into your standard exercise routine can effectively improve your performance, aid in recovery from injury or strain and increase the quality of your activity. Adding massage to your exercise training can also reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation, lengthen the range of motion, decrease muscle soreness and swelling and aid in preventing injury.

Consider evaluating the benefits you can reap from including regular sports massage in Everett into your standard exercise program. Contact the team at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410 to learn about our recommendations for your particular routine of physical activity. Massage can substantially help you, whether you are a novice or someone who has maintained physical fitness for years.